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Prevention Institutes

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Prevention Institute was founded in 1997 to serve as a focal point for primary prevention practice—promoting policies, organizational practices, and collaborative efforts that improve health and quality of life. As a national non-profit organization, the Institute is committed to preventing illness and injury, to fostering health and social equity, and to building momentum for community prevention as an integral component of a quality health system. Prevention Institute synthesizes research and practice; develops prevention tools and frameworks; helps design and guide interdisciplinary partnerships; and conducts training and strategic consultation with government, foundations, and community-based organizations nationwide and internationally.
Taking a comprehensive, integrated approach to solving complex health and social issues, the Institute advances prevention efforts that address multiple problems concurrently. The Institute catalyzes quality prevention strategies that are well designed, reflect and respond to diverse community  needs and assets, and achieve far-reaching outcomes. By translating previous accomplishments to new prevention measures, the Institute helps practitioners and decision-makers to achieve outcomes that are enduring and sustainable. Prevention Institute maintains a core focus on promoting health equity and primary emphases include preventing violence, traffic injuries, and chronic disease.
Prevention Institute was formed to be a mid-sized organization that could be agile and influential. It consists of a diverse staff of 25 and an engaged Board of Directors, all of whom share a passion for quality prevention and equitable health and safety outcomes. In 2007, the Institute relocated to accommodate the organization's growth. Prevention Institute remains in central Oakland, in keeping with its ongoing commitment to invest in the city's development. Its new work environment was designed to be both a community asset and a staff support—an open, fluid, and inspirational space, encouraging creative thinking and collaboration.
Articles by Prevention Institutes
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The average American’s diet contains too many solid fats, saturated fats and bad cholesterol, which are all found in animal products. Experts therefore recommend limiting total meat intake to two, 3 ounce servings a day or less (3 ounces is about the size and width of a deck of cards, or the palm of your hand).

Aim to eat less meat this week. Have a Meatless Monday, skip sausage and bacon at breakfast, or cut your lunch and dinner portions in half. Remember that you can easily stay full (and cut fat and calories) by filling the space on your plate with fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains.


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